Wellhead Protection Plan

To help protect the groundwater and our water supply wells from potential contamination, the Town of Bainbridge is currently implementing a Wellhead Protection Plan.  The Wellhead Protection Plan focuses on public awareness and education and spill prevention and reporting.  For more information or to join the local planning team and assist with the implementation of the Wellhead Protection Plan, contact Jim Nelson, Superintendent, at 765-522-6238.






·          Reduce the amount of fertilizers, pesticides, or other hazardous chemicals that you use.  Buy only what you need so that you don’t have to dispose of leftovers.  Read all the labels and follow directions.

·         Use organic lawn and garden alternatives that do not contain synthetic chemical poisons.

·         Reduce the use of products that contain any of the following words on their labels:  caution, warning, danger, poisons, flammable, volatile, caustic, or corrosive.

·         Recycle used oil, automotive fluids, batteries, and other products.  Don’t dispose of hazardous products in toilets, storm drains, wastewater systems, creeks, alleys, or the ground.   This pollutes the water supply.

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